La La Land truly is a masterpiece. It is passionate, endearing and inspiring, but its music is the highlight. Below are some lines from the original soundtrack that have impacted me the most. 

1. Another Day of Sun

“Climb these hills

I’m reaching for the heights

And chasing all the lights that shine

And when they let you down

You’ll get up off the ground

‘Cause morning rolls around

And it’s another day of sun”

This verse has rekindled my desire to chase my dreams, to not succumb to failure and rejection 🔥.

2. Someone in the Crowd

“Is someone in the crowd the only thing you really see?

Watching while the world keeps spinning ’round?

Somewhere there’s a place where I find who I’m gonna be

A somewhere that’s just waiting to be found”

I guess it is more important to actualize oneself than to put our future in someone else’s hands 👐.

3. City of Stars

“A look in somebody’s eyes

To light up the skies

To open the world and send it reeling

A voice that says, I’ll be here

And you’ll be alright”

Well, love is the most powerful force ❤️.

4. Audition (The Fools Who Dream)

“So bring on the rebels

The ripples from pebbles

The painters, and poets, and plays

And here’s to the fools who dream

Crazy as they may seem

Here’s to the hearts that break

Here’s to the mess we make”

It’s okay to be different, maybe that’s what makes you beautiful. It’s okay to dream, maybe it will turn into reality someday 🌟.