I am inspired by strong, independent female protagonists in TV shows. Hence Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland, is no exception. 

Born to Scottish royalty, engaged to the next king of France at the age of 6 and raised in a convent, she was different from the other members of the royal family. Mary developed altruism, passion and a sense of fun. She had a spark inside of her, a fire that burned and scorched – to protect the ones she loved and to destroy her enemies. The audience was initially worried for her safety in the French Court early on in “Reign” as she was a target of assassins and lived among lurking dangers such as The Darkness, but we were soon reassured of her ability to fend for herself.

Mary proved herself to be a headstrong yet selfless and intelligent queen. She had survived several deathtraps, owing to her wit, courage, and the loyalty of those who loved her. Being a charming young woman, she won the hearts of Francis (the heir to France’s throne) and Sebastian (Bash), the bastard son of King Henry. They both were willing to die for her, reflecting her undeniable magnetism. At the same time, Mary was willing to go to great lengths and take risk to protect them.

We also see multiple instances of Mary in control of situations, even though women were disadvantaged in a patriarchal society at that time. She had the king under her control since she knew how to exploit her status and her alliance with France to get what she wanted, she had thought ahead of her former arch-enemy Queen Catherine and defeated the latter, she had proven her ability to wield her power as queen to solve problems and determine her own fate.

Although we see her vulnerabilities sometimes, such as when it comes to love or betrayals, Mary is in general a very formidable and strong-minded leader. She had made some mistakes in her life, such as having an affair, yet she redeemed herself with her kind heart and noble qualities.

Having suffered many losses in her life (her best friend’s death, her husband’s demise, her miscarriage, etc.), she still maintained her unbreakable spirit and inextinguishable fire. Summing up the above, Queen Mary Stuart has beauty, bravery and brains, thus is a character that I admire greatly.