Competitions are so subjective. I mean seriously, except for Math competitions where 1 + 1 will definitely equate to 2. But in other competitions, say essay-writing, singing, solo verse speaking, and even debating, your fate completely rests in the hands of a few judges. We must not forget that judges are human beings, they have their biases and preferences. Perhaps they don’t like the outfit you are wearing, perhaps they don’t like your accent, or perhaps they just don’t like you for some random reason, whereas they just happen to like a candidate. I have endured enough competitions to understand this point, but don’t let this trump your spirit. Whether you end up as the winner or the runner-up or just a participant, you must have gained something from it. The fact that you have completed this nerve-racking journey is rewarding and fulfilling enough. So learn not to mope because of the results, but celebrate your spiritual accomplishment. Keep your chin up and look forward to the next challenge in life! One more thing, look into the mirror and tell yourself: “You did it.”