The Originals is undoubtedly one of my favorite shows, and the vampire-werewolf hybrid Hayley Marshall is definitely my favorite female character.

When we first saw her as a werewolf in Season 4 of The Vampire Diaries, she was bitchy, reckless and ruthless – hellbent on finding her real family and not giving a damn about what it cost. It was because of her that Tyler Lockwood’s hybrid friends were slaughtered along with his mother (Carol Lockwood). Yet, when she fled to New Orleans after she was pregnant with Klaus Mikaelson’s child, we see drastic changes in her personality.

In Season 1 of The Originals, we see her physically weakened, but mentally strong as ever. Despite her vulnerable state, she still had a mind of steel and a venomous tongue. Despite her being “tough as nails”, she knew what love was and formed a close relationship with Elijah and Rebekah Mikaelson. When her daughter Hope Mikaelson was born, Hayley’s throat was instantly slit by a witch named Monique Deveraux, and her daughter’s hybrid blood turned her into a hybrid. That was when she got tremendous power that screamed bad-ass (and I swear the audience must have loved it). After the events of that episode, Hayley went off the rails a little and was determined to kill every single witch who attempted to take her and her daughter’s lives. But still, who doesn’t like watching her go on a rampage to snuff out the irritating witches? (I must say the witches  back in Mystic Falls are much more likable than the New Orleans witches).

In Season 2, we see Hayley transform into a loyal, rational woman who would sacrifice her life for her family and for a greater cause. It was heartbreaking to watch her turn Elijah down and marry Jackson Kenner (an alpha werewolf) so that the two Cresent Packs could unite and gain considerable power. She did it in order to secure her daughter’s safety since the wolves could help guard her, and for the sake of keeping peace between the Mikaelsons and the pack. We witness her become a queen, a co-alpha of a pack formed by the strongest werewolf bloodlines. She put her people and her family before herself, before the man she loved (Elijah).

I bet Hayley in Season 3 was everything a girl wished she could be – bold, intelligent and selfless. In this season, she suffered the agony of losing her husband to the wrath of Tristan Du Martel, she saved the day a couple of times, she stood up for her family and friends in a heartbeat even if she was walking into a fight she might not win (Yes, so goodbye Elena Gilbert). The season finale was heartaching as all the Mikaelsons were either confined behind a wall (Klaus) or were involuntarily incapacitated in coffins (Elijah, Rebekah, Freya), Davina Claire and Camille O’Connell gone and Marcel Gerard turned from friend to enemy; Hayley was left alone to save her family while having to raise Hope. I hope the upcoming season will show more of her fearless character and give her more heroism than Elena Gilbert ever deserved.

The above sums up why Hayley is my favorite character. But of course, we cannot ignore the fact that she is gorgeous and her body is to die for. Ultimately, while Katherine Pierce (she will be on my next entry) is a survivor, Hayley Marshall is a fighter. And I personally believe she deserves more credit than the self-righteous Elena Gilbert in The Vampire Diaries.