My best friend once criticized me for treating my pets better than her… She wasn’t wrong πŸ™Š. I was raised to love animals, living with cats and parrots throughout my childhood 🐱. I wouldn’t call them my pets, since the creatures I have around me now are more than that – they are my friends, my confidants and my loyal companions ❀️. At a young age, I witnessed the passing of Timber, Jimmy, Marky, Marky’s kittens, Blackie, Copper (the labrador), Hello, Tortie and Charlie (the corgi), their deaths formed the darkest parts of my memories. Yet, I must treasure the time I have with the ones still here and preserve them all in photographs πŸ’™. 

From left to right: Muffin, Tiger, Millie πŸ’›

Boy Boy the labrador πŸ’›

Snoopy the golden retriever πŸ’›

Lucy the mini shepherd πŸ’›