(this was posted on my blog back in october 2015)

if you know me personally, then you should know that i care a great deal about my instagram feed.

a lot of people have questioned me about it, and i would say, “it makes me happy.” 

why does it make me happy?

i love photography, that’s why i love rad instagram feeds. when i am having a bad day, just one scroll down @beansiie or @maddibragg can immediately cheer me up. then one day i thought, why don’t i make a good feed too? thus i started my new account alichannie and made it theme-based.

in times of depression, every person has his/her own means of escape. 

some people listen to pop music to distract themselves from reality. some people do sports to divert their minds from all the stress. some people call up friends to talk and to seek advice.

to me, designing a nice instagram feed is my way of escaping. at the moment i start editing photos, my mood begins to lift. the moment i finish editing the photo, i will feel contented. at the moment i post the picture and maybe get positive feedback, i forget all my problems. 

sometimes when life is gloomy and all that i need is a few moments of positivity – i open my vsco app then start planning a new theme and layout. 

therefore, it is more than just a feed. it is a means of happiness.