some people brag about their priviledges or talent, while some people make up things to brag about.

but why do people brag?

i mean what is the point?

honestly, if you are naturally talented or have made certain achievements, there is still no reason to brag. because if you truly have that power in you, you wouldn’t have to say anything – people will just know you do. for example, you don’t have to say you are particularly smart, because people can judge your level of intelligence by your actions and not by your words. your actions can already prove your case and reveal whether it is true or false. people can see for themselves.

the ones who brag should stop. 

first, it is foolish to brag because it gives you self-satisfaction that holds you back from improving and gives you a bad image to others: annoying and inconsiderate.

second, if what you have been bragging about is a fantasy created in your mind, then you will look extra comical when the cat is out of the bag.

lastly, bragging may make you feel better (if you already have insecurities, but there are many many many other ways to deal with it!) but remember, there are so many people out there who are better than you. that’s why you should just stay humble and honest – stop bragging!