melly and cry baby (1)

a week ago, i stumbled across the song “pity party” on youtube and bam, it led to my obsession with melanie martinez’s album “cry baby”. it is certainly one of my favorite albums ever (along with “badlands” by halsey)! here r some details:

  1. the first song on the album is “cry baby”, in which the main character – cry baby – is introduced. to quote some lines, they are: “they call you cry baby, cry baby”, “you’re all on your own”, “you lost all your friends”, “someone’s turning the handle to that faucet in your eyes”. we can see that cry baby is a weak and isolated girl.ย 
  2. the second song on the album is “dollhouse”, and it tells you cry baby’s family background. cry baby’s family looks picture perfect to others, but little do they know that her father is cheating, her mother is a drunk, her brother is on drugs. this song also criticizes the types of families like cry baby’s and sympathizes for victims like cry baby. “throw on your dress and put on your doll faces”, “everyone thinks that we’re perfect”, “please don’t let them look through the curtains”.ย 
  3. “sippy cup” is the third song on the album and it is about cry baby’s mother. how the pain of her husband’s infidelity and death leads to her habit of taking drugs and drinking. “blood still stains when the sheets are washed”, “he’s still dead when you’re done with this bottle”, “and syrup is still syrup in a sippy cup’.ย 
  4. the fourth song on the tracklist is ย “carousel” and is one of my favorites. cry baby feels like she is spinning “round and round like a horse on a carousel”, she questions if she can ever “catch up to love”ย and answersย she can “never tell”.ย this song expresses the sad truth about cry baby’s unrequited love and the fact that her parents are forcing her to love another person. ย ย 

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