Macau 2K17 🇲🇴

Fashion and Beauty

I went on a quick (but amazing) get away with my friends last weekend. We spent 3 days and 2 nights in Macau – stuffed our faces at the Food Festival, took over two (maybe three) thousand pictures, bonded over our mutual insanity, etc. It was the perfect distraction from school and work 💚

: Day 1

Zara mustard yellow top + Cotton On white jeggings + H&M black lace-up boots

Featuring my aunt’s apartment (SOOOO NICE) and dog (SOOOO CUTE)!!

P.S. My Zara top is so so so so soft

: Day 2

Bershka striped blazer-style jumpsuit with belt (dark green, navy blue, white) + stockings + H&M black boots

With Celina and Steph again 💋

P.S. I WAS BOILING IN THIS OUTFIT but it was totally worth the internal melting

: Day 3

Bershka short checked jumpsuit + stockings + H&M black boots

P.S. I wore the same pair of boots every day because they are new and I wanted to carry less luggage

P.P.S. Bless Celina’s camera for adjusting the lighting (which was supposed to be crappy since the sky was overcast)


I never really liked Bershka before but now I do. The two jumpsuits featured above are reasonably priced (HKD 349 and 249, respectively), stylish, fitting and just comfortable to wear in general. They are perfect for fall/early winter 😍


Fall 2K17 – Part One 🍂🎃🍁

Fashion and Beauty

Fall in my city (especially with global warming) is rather hot. Hence, my outfits usually consist of button-up shirts, shorts and regular summer tops. Here are some Hong-Kong-autumn looks that I love:

Look #1

Black office lady top from Uniqlo b+b striped flowy pants (blue and white) + Bata sandals with blue straps


I love fall because THE SKY IS BLUE EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!!!!

Look #2

Maroon button-up shirt from Uniqlo + black wide-legged pants from b+b H&M black sandals + black leather bag from Longchamp + gold choker from H&M 


Pretty flowers, huh?

Look #3

MUSTARD YELLOW top from H&M + black high-waisted shorts from Brilliant + mustard yellow and dark blue clutch from Logon


I wore black Adidas sneakers.

Look #4

Esprit blue-wash denim jacket + American Eagle Outfitters white top + H&M blue checkered jeans + Adidas black sneakers + red Longchamp backpack + Prada shades



Look #5

H&M striped button-up shirt (blue and white) + Brilliant black wide-legged pants + Bata blue sandals + a brown leather shoulder bag from a store in Causeway Bay (again, whose name I don’t know)


(I’ve been exploring old districts/buildings lately, as you can see)

Look #6

Dark red top from H&M + velvety black overalls (a skirt, actually) from H&M + black Adidas sneakers + dark red cap from Bershka (my friend’s, I borrowed it)


(A whole new style for me – it felt a little weird lmao)

Look #7

H&M “confident” black top + Cotton On iBody grey sweatpants + Adidas black sneakers + Prada shades


P.S. My first time wearing sweatpants LOL

P.P.S. My first time painting my nails mint, too (nail polish from Kiko, I LOVE Kiko)

P.P.P.S. I was calling my mom

Look #8

Pale pink button-up shirt from Uniqlo + black flowy pants from Brilliant H&M black sandals + pale pink choker from Cotton On Prada sunglasses


IFC rooftop is shooo niceeee

Look #9

True Religion black and white graphic 3/4 sleeve top + dark blue denim shorts from Cotton On Adidas black sneakers


(Featuring my friend’s Olympus film camera)

Look #10

Tiger graphic tee from Alcott (men’s section, actually) + Cotton On dark denim mid-rise shorts + black sneakers from Adidas + Longchamp red backpack


YES I overcame my insecurity and wore my reading glasses out for a hangout (yay me)

Look #11

Black bodysuit from H&M + grey ripped jeans from True Religion H&M black ankle boots + Uniqlo 3/4 sleeve cardigan


I have no idea what this bridge is called but it’s a pretty nice one.

Look #12

H&M white graphic sweater + Uniqlo dark grey denim leggings + H&M black ankle boots + H&M black bag


P.S. I love this bag – it can be used as both a shoulder bag and a backpack (you just have to adjust the strap)

Italy, Malta & Cyprus 2K17 🇮🇹🇲🇹🇨🇾

Fashion and Beauty

I went on a family trip (along with my best friend) to southern Europe from 29th July to 10th August. We covered Rome, Sorrento, Capri, Naples and Sicily of Italy. A little more than a week later we headed to Malta then flew to Cyprus.

: Day 1

Bershka flowy black top + H&M black and white striped palazzo pants + red nail polish from Kiko Prada sunglasses (my mom’s) + a black shoulder bag from a store in Causeway Bay


The kitten water tattoo is from Korea; the marble tiles say “Love conquers all” and “Seize the day” respectively.

Location: Rome, Italy

: Day 2

Adidas sports bra + H&M denim overalls + (my friend’s) Adidas sneakers


Location: Pompeii, Italy 

: Day 3

Sleeveless striped dress (yellow, blue, grey, black and white) from Topfeeling/MJ StyleMarks and Spencer flip flops + a white straw hat from a store near our hotel


Location: Sorrento and Naples, Italy

: Day 4

Beach dress from the store Fae in Stanley + flip flops from Marks & Spencer + Prada sunglasses


These were taken outside a ranch and IT WAS SCORCHING. (Coachella vibes though)

Location: Sicily, Italy

: Day 5

Zara black playsuit/romper + Bata sandals with blue straps + the same bag, hat and shades as above (and below)


Location: Sicily, Italy

: Day 6

H&M sheer black bodysuit + H&M snakeskin shorts + H&M gold necklace + Rabbit sandals


It was impossible not to dress like that as the temperature was 46 degree celsius!! (Unless you wanted to get heat stroke)

Location: Sicily, Italy

: Day 7

Graphic black off-shoulder top from a store in Kowloon Bay whose name I had forgotten + olive green shorts from the same store + H&M black boots


(Pics were taken at sunset hence the lighting was immaculate)

Location: Valletta, Malta

: Day 8

Terranova mustard yellow sleeveless summer dress + flip flops from Marks & Spencer



Location: Gozo, Malta

: Day 9

H&M zebra print summer dress + Marks & Spencer flip flops


APHRODITE’S BIRTHPLACE!!!!! And her LEGIT BIRTHROCK ( the very tiny one out at sea in the first pic)

Location: Paphos, Cyprus

: Day 10

I wore my red and white striped overalls from Brilliant but the strap snapped. Oops.

P.S. My Rabbit sandals and H&M flip flops broke in Cyprus.

P.P.S. I left my Hollister marble swimsuit in Sicily.

P.P.P.S. I loved the trip, though.


Summer 2K17 🕸🌻🌞

Fashion and Beauty

We’ve all heard that fall and winter are the best seasons for fashion. Does that mean we can’t have fun mix-and-matching pieces in summer?

Look #1

H&M Divided black top + Brilliant dark blue denim wide-legged pants + H&M black boots + Michael Kors blue and white handbag

(It was around 33 degree celsius that day and I WAS MELTING IN THAT OUTFIT)

Look #2

Uniqlo black sleeveless jumpsuit + sandals from Rabbit + gold owl necklace by Accessorize H&M shades

P.S. The owl necklace was given to me by my mother – it’s my lucky charm.

Look #3

Brilliant khaki off-the-shoulder lace-up top + Brilliant black high-waisted shorts + sandals from Rabbit H&M black choker

Pics were taken in Stanley (I love Stanley).

Look #4

Beach dress from a store in Stanley Market (I think it’s called Fae)

P.S. Looks #3 and 4 were from the same day.

Look #5

Brilliant striped overalls (red and white) + Rabbit sandals + H&M black choker

(The right strap actually snapped when I was in Italy.)

Look #6

Topfeeling/MJ Style sleeveless striped dress + sandals from H&M Michael Kors blue and white handbag

Feat. Celina and Steph again 💛

Look #7

Black criss-cross top from Bershka Uniqlo pink wide-legged pants + H&M sandals + Longchamp black leather backpack

Featuring my friend Bonnie (whose outfit was also very nice!!)

Singapore 2K17 🇸🇬

Fashion and Beauty

I went to Singapore with my homies in June (21st – 25th) for our high school graduation trip. I made sure to rock a new style every day because it would be a shame to be repetitive amiright?

: Day 1

I wore a sleeveless navy blue dress by Brilliant and sandals from Rabbit.

(Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of me in this outfit)

: Day 2

Brandy Melville white button-up + H&M checkered jeans + a brown leather/woven belt from Brilliant + Rabbit sandals + a denim choker from Aland H&M black cap with kitty ears + glasses from H&M

I swapped Daniel Wellington watches with my friend and borrowed her white Le Coq Sportif cap.

: Day 3

H&M floral/tropics patterned sleeveless dress + Rabbit sandals (AGAIN) + H&M black choker

My summer outfit next to the polar bear is the epitome of a juxtaposition.

: Day 4

American Eagle Outfitters white off-the-shoulder top + Brilliant black shorts + black flip-flops from Marks & Spencer + H&M gold necklace + glasses from H&M (I just like to be extra, that’s all)

P.S. Featuring Steph and Celina above 💙

: Day 5

Sleeveless striped dress from a store in Mong Kok (I don’t know the name) + sandals from Rabbit + red Longchamp backpack

(As you can see, most #ootds were taken in our hotel room)

Spring 2K17 🌸🌿🐝

Fashion and Beauty

I finished my public exams in spring and hence it was the perfect time to hit my friends up for dates. Here are some of my favourite outfits/looks for the season 💚

Look #1 

Cotton On black summer dress with white star prints + a white planet choker from Aland + Longchamp black leather backpack

My shoes are not shown in the pics but I was wearing H&M sandals with black straps. The Esprit denim jacket was also a bit extra but there’s no harm in that amiright?

Look #2

H&M olive green jumpsuit + olive green choker from Aland (which broke when I sneezed) + H&M sunglasses

Once again my shoes are nowhere to be seen (I wore black wedges from Oriental Traffic). The bag I used that day was the Longchamp backpack I mentioned above.

Look #3

H&M dark magenta top + 6ixty 8ight black lace-up (high-waisted) shorts + H&M black boots + H&M sunglasses

I used the Longchamp bag again.

P.S. My lip colour was insane that day (I wore Blackmail by Urban Decay)

Look #4

H&M Divided black top + Bershka olive green wide-legged/palazzo pants with a low side slit + H&M black boots + 6ixty 8ight blue shades

I swear I used the Longchamp backpack on a daily basis back then.

Look #5

H&M striped fitting dress (black, blue, white and pink stripes) + H&M black boots + 6ixty 8ight blue sunglasses + black Longchamp leather bag

P.S. Looks #4 and 5 are actually from the same day.

Look #6

Uniqlo olive green jumpsuit (there’s a layer of satin underneath which makes it so comfy) + black H&M sandals + black choker with holes from Bershka (which broke when I sneezed AGAIN)

Being very extra again, I put on blue shades from 6ixty 8ight just for a few shots.

Look #7

Uniqlo black top + Uniqlo pale pink palazzo pants (alliteration!!) + Rabbit sandals with black straps + black choker from Bershka

To finish the whole rose-gold/pink look, I wore pink sunglasses from Cotton On.

Look #8

Cotton On striped romper/playsuit (black, orange and white stripes) + Rabbit sandals

P.S. The pup above is my aunt’s. ISN’T HE ADORABLE???

Look #9

Red 6ixty 8ight red top (it was supposed to be off-the-shoulder but NAH I didn’t like it) + 6ixty 8ight black lace-up shorts + H&M black boots + Bershka black choker

To match with my red top, I wore Russian Red by MAC.

Look #10

H&M Divided black top + olive green palazzo pants by Bershka + H&M black boots

Yes, I repeated the look.


Look #11

Bershka sleeveless black top + H&M black leather skirt + Marks & Spencer sheer black leggings + H&M black boots

I probably used the Longchamp backpack for the whole month.

Look #12

Uniqlo wine red button-up shirt + 6ixty 8ight black lace-up shorts + H&M black boots + Bershka black choker + Cotton On rose-gold shades

I repeat the pieces a lot – I just mix and match them differently to create different vibes.

Look #13

Bershka flowy black top + H&M striped palazzo pants (black and white) + H&M black sandals + H&M black choker (I call it the unbreakable choker because it doesn’t snap when I sneeze)

I wore this outfit A LOT. Like, A LOT.



When you get in touch with your innermost feelings, it’s difficult to catch the flamboyant, energetic fish such as happiness. Ironically, the unwanted emotions – sadness, nostalgia, come skimming near the surface, just begging to be taken out of the water. It’s so easy to succumb to negativity, which often leads to unreasonable anger at a third party, or to episodes of self-pity. But before you feel bad about your “issues”, take a step back and look at the big picture. Think about others who have experienced greater tragedy, others who are in greater misfortune. Acknowledge that no matter how bleak the situation you are in is, there must be someone out there fighting a bigger war than yours.



Several things in life are bothering me at the moment. I don’t know if I should tell the story, but the pre-existing problem is: I don’t know how to put it into words.

What I am feeling is a jumble of human emotions – pieces of agitation, fear, melancholy, passion, all scrambled together like the ingredients of an omelette.

Throughout this month, I have done things I regret. I have hurt some who are close to me, I have allowed my heart to wander where it should not, I have given in to selfishness and vanity. Yet, I have also performed deeds I am proud of.

All that rambling goes back to my root question: what is the purpose of living? We breathe, we sleep, we eat, we do human things. We make mistakes, we apologize, and then we compensate; we are sinned against, we accept apologies, and then we forgive; ultimately, the cycle repeats itself. Isn’t it all just a waste of time? Even the good things in life: being compassionate, having loyal friends, making breakthroughs… all seem to be so impermanent and mortal. They will be gone once we die. So what exactly is the point of striving so hard to achieve something in a life that is not eternal? What is the meaning of falling in love when nothing truly lasts? What is the rationale behind hoping for a better future when the future will become the past perpetually?

Taylor Swift (2006)

Music and Entertainment

I have been a Swiftie since 2009 and I am very proud of her success. I do love all of her albums, especially Fearless and Speak Now, and of course her new song with Zayn, “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever”. But I must admit – nothing beats her debut album. There is just something so innocent, so relatable about it that even Red and 1989 can never replace.

Anyone can notice that her work has gradually shifted from country to pop. I miss the simpler, less modern, classically varied instrumentals of her first album back in 2006. The melody of the songs in Taylor Swift is more pleasing to the ear compared to the repetitive, digitally-enhanced notes in 1989. Regarding the lyrics, Taylor is famed for dissing her exes in her music, but the content of her debut album is not confined to failed relationships and problematic boyfriends. “Teardrops On My Guitar” is the epitome of a teenage girl’s unrequited love (which I once related so well to), “Our Song” illustrates the pure, puppy love at adolescent age, “Mary’s Song” is the ultimate ideal a girl can have about her love life, “I’m Only Me When I’m With You” is dedicated to her best friend (Abigail Anderson) appreciating their friendship, etc.

I acknowledge the fact that Taylor has gone through so much and must have matured a great deal throughout this decade, hence has formed a new set of opinions on dating. Her style reflects her change. Taylor has always been honest in her composing and I still appreciate the effort she invests in her music. From Taylor Swift to 1989, we have all grown with Taylor and witnessed the events in her life through her music. She deserves the hype and the love, but I cannot deny that I miss the old Taylor Swift songs.


Up Close and Personal

I don’t usually do “emotional” but this is an exception. 

This post is dedicated to my mom’s uncle-in-law. (I met him 4 years ago while visiting my mom’s aunt in Jakarta.) I still remember what he looked like – white-haired, kind-looking, wearing glasses and dressed in a striped button-up shirt. He always carried around with him his camera and an iPad (he loved taking photographs and editing; I remember him showing my family some stills of a dance festival – with a graceful performer wearing a fiery orange dress in front of a black backdrop. My granduncle-in-law added some visual effects to enhance the whole picture, it was phenomenal). So this granduncle behaved exactly the way he looked, he was a friendly, gentle creature. But he was also a little sarcastic and had a slightly know-it-all attitude. While we were waiting for the van to pick us up at the airport, he told me to drink more water because my skin was dry (and because I looked downright unpleasant. I was scowling – owing to the scorching, tourist-unfriendly weather and the unfamiliar touch of Indonesia.) My, my attitude was awfully immature. I transferred my glare from some innocent local onto him and just reacted badly to his statement, all because of my foul mood. That was the first regretful moment I had about him. Honestly, the next few days were a blur. I stayed at his house for a week and went with him to Bali and Borobudur. I was glued to The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices series for the whole journey and barely paid attention to him. Even during the four-hour-long car rides I used them to drown in Up All Night and other songs from the same album. My whole vibe was so indifferent and not-there that I still feel ashamed of myself. I can’t really remember how the remaining days passed but soon enough I had to leave Jakarta for Hong Kong. I remember saying goodbye to this granduncle (he was editing photos on his computer). I thanked him for his hospitality while feeling guilt gnawing at my bones on the inside for my spoilt, bratty demeanour. (I was also guilty because he had been so nice throughout my stay.) My regret of not knowing him better and making the most out of the trip unsettled me for the rest of my journey home. But of course as time progresses, we tend to forget our guilt. Days, months and years passed – I just hear about this granduncle every now and then from my mom, who hears from my grandaunt. It was okay because I have decided once I finished my public examination this year, I would visit Indonesia in summer and patch things up with him. But fate had other plans. Early this month, I heard from my mom that my granduncle had cancer. It worsened quickly, right now it’s either at stage three or has even developed to stage four (because mom said he is going to leave soon). The worst thing is that my granduncle’s son was set to be married this May, yet his father is probably going to pass away in April. I keep questioning why fate can be so cruel, because I know my granduncle is (or was) a good man. Call me selfish, but I feel worse because I couldn’t repair my relationship with him before his demise (sorry I know he is still alive but you get what I mean). This is my greatest regret in life. I typed this out not just to get my feelings out of my system, but also to remind you all that treasuring the people around you, especially family, is so important. You may not always see eye to eye with them, you may have conflicts, but nothing is worse than missing the opportunity to reconcile with them before it is too late. So go figure things out, reflect. Don’t let yourself regret not knowing a relative well, or let the chance slip through your fingers. If you had made things right earlier, then you wouldn’t have to ask yourself the “what-if”s or say the “I would have if I had known”s. Granduncle-in-law, I just want you to know that I am sorry. And if you are given a second chance at life, I would be there to be your friend and your family.